Writing a Business Plan Learn More
Business Plan

How to write a business plan step by step

In this article, I explain how you write a business plan.  I have simplified the process for you by: Outlining the main sections.  A complete, robust business plan should address each section. Within each section, I list the questions commonly
Posted on March 25, 2018
Outsourcing for growth Learn More
Productivity, Small Business

How outsourcing can help your small business grow

Yes, outsourcing can help your small business grow.  Today I will cover how. 1. Background You’re a one-man-show.  Or maybe a one-woman power house. You’ve not only developed the product for your small business, you’ve also become an expert at Search
Posted on March 23, 2018
Personal finance in your twenties Learn More
Personal Finance

Money strategies in your 20s

You’re probably sitting somewhere thinking about your homework or an upcoming party.  Financial investing is probably the furthest thing on your mind.  I’m here to tell you that it’s time to think about your finances and build money strategies to
Posted on March 23, 2018