Category: Small Business

15 Aug
Business plan for a bakery

Writing a business plan for a bakery

If you’re looking to write a persuasive business plan for a bakery, you have come to the right place! Bakery Trends There’s nothing like the smell of fresh baked goodies!  Cookies, cupcakes and cakes are common at business functions, birthday parties and a variety of other occasions.  It’s no surprise that companies like Magnolia Bakery, […]

14 Aug
Recover your e-commerce ranking and revenue (3)

Recover your e-commerce ranking and revenue

Here at Porsud we develop business plans for all kinds of startups, including e-Commerce businesses. While we are not a SEO organisation, we have a great deal of experience in defining the requirements for a well-ranked website that can generate revenue. Background In March of 2018 one of our previous clients reached out to us […]

30 Mar
Product pricing strategies for startups

Pricing strategies for startups

It can be challenging to determine how you should price your products or services as a new business owner.  Today, I’ll present various pricing strategies for startups.  Plus, I’ll highlight important cost factors that you should consider to remain highly profitable. The listed pricing strategies for startups are just as effective and important for large, […]

23 Mar
Outsourcing for growth

How outsourcing can help your small business grow

Yes, outsourcing can help your small business grow.  Today I will cover how. 1. Background You’re a one-man-show.  Or maybe a one-woman power house. You’ve not only developed the product for your small business, you’ve also become an expert at Search Engine Optimization.  Maybe accounting has also become part of your repertoire.  In addition, you have […]