Why you need a business plan

We develop and build

We help entrepreneurs grow their business idea, solidify their pitch and build financial models.

Our team of business consultants develops your business idea into an investor ready proposal.  We setup virtual calls to understand your business venture and work with you to build a roadmap to your startup success.

Hire our team to conduct the due diligence needed, to launch your startup and get the funding you need.

We know what investors look for

To get funding from a venture capital firm or a bank, you should have a persuasive and solid business plan. Research has proven that a business plan improves a startup’s chances of success.  Investors look to fund businesses that have a defined vision, an understanding of their market and a clear plan to become profitable.

We are a team of entrepreneurs.  So, we understand that business owners pay more attention to product development, team expansion and day-to-day operational tasks.   There’s rarely enough time to develop a strategic plan or to conduct thorough market analysis.  Our business plan writing service is designed to support you, so that you can focus on your priorities while we research the market, develop a marketing plan and generate a financial forecast.

Every business plan is unique

Every business plan is created from scratch, because we know that every business has a unique DNA.  We help you define a value proposition that is aligned with the mission of your company – a value proposition that quenches the need of the market.  This is the foundation of a strong business plan.

We add layers by explaining the market dynamics, developing a SWOT analysis and defining a marketing plan that clarifies how you will conquer your market.  This finalized with a financial plan that forecasts income and defines how funding will be utilized.  Finally, we embellish the document with charts, graphics and images to visually convince the reader.

It’s not just for start-ups

A common misconception is that a business plan is only relevant when launching a business.  That’s not the case and this is why:

Many entrepreneurs find themselves three years into a business, barely profitable and ready to jump ship. We see this happen frequently.  We know that entrepreneurs have big dreams and work incessantly to make those dreams reality; however, sometimes too much effort is placed on strategically irrelevant tasks.  Business owners delve too deep into operations and attempt to do too much alone, thereby losing sight of the tasks that fuel revenue growth.  No matter how far into the business you are, we can help you get back on track.

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Our Executive Team

Principal Consultant

Norman excels at understanding product development, efficient cost reduction and supplier sourcing.  Focus on automotive and manufacturing.


Sepideh has a big-picture vision and understands how to translate an opportunity into revenue. Focus in biotech, software and e-commerce.

Principal Consultant

Henry has built and sold three successful and profitable businesses.  His speciality is IOT, software applications and hardware solutions.

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